Beginners Guide to Sensational Tastes from New Zealand
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Beginners Guide to Sensational Tastes from New Zealand

With a reputation for being clean and green, New Zealand produces many wonderful foods and flavours. Many of these foods are exported and popular around the world.

New Zealand may be a little country way down in the southern oceans, but some of the flavours coming out of this country should not be ignored. If you see some of these products at your market or supermarket, don't turn down the chance to try them. You may be surprised.

Apples: New Zealand has an international reputation for growing good apples. Many varieties are exported to more than 50 countries. Crisp, crunchy and delicious, apples are a favourite with most New Zealanders. Major apple producing regions can be found in both the North and South Islands.

Bluff Oysters: The mud flat or dredge oysters known as Bluff oysters are said to be the tastiest in the world. The season runs most years from March until August, with the highlight of the season being the Bluff Oyster and Food Festival in May. Although other oysters are produced in New Zealand, Bluff oysters have the reputation of being the tastiest and are the most sought after.

Cherries: another growing New Zealand export, most of this country's cherries are grown in Otago or Marlborough in the South Island. Plump, juicy and mouth-watering, these are a popular fruit in summer months.

Kiwifruit: Commonly known as Kiwi in northern hemisphere countries, kiwifruit are tasty and nutritious. About the size of a hen egg, the bright green fruit is encased in a brown furry skin.

New Zealand Beef and Lamb: These two meats are one of New Zealand's largest exports. Produced on farms that are said to be the greenest in the world, these meats are tasty and nutrient packed and can be found in many international supermarkets, making a major contribution to New Zealand’s economy.

Pavlova: a traditional New Zealand summer dessert, made from egg whites and sugar, cooked slowly in a cool oven and topped with strawberries and cream.

Rainbow and Brown Trout: fishermen come from all over the world to catch trout in Lake Taupo. Freshly caught and cooked on the barbecue, or baked in the oven, served with a glass of New Zealand white wine, this flavour can't be beaten.

Scallops: The tastiest scallops are dredged in the Marlborough Sounds,  Sautee gently in butter, being careful not to over cook and serve with a NZ white wine, this makes a tasty food combination for seafood lovers.

Venison: once only available when hunted and caught in the wild, venison or deer meat, is now commercially farmed in NZ and widely exported. Most of the top local restaurants have a venison meal on their menus.

Wine: New Zealand wines are becoming accepted world-wide for the their quality and flavour. Major wine producing regions are Marlborough, Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa, but many other regions are now producing award winning wines.

Bluff Oysters: The Mouth-watering New Zealand Delicacy

Lake Taupo, Volcanic Lake in New Zealand


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Comments (6)

Great article; so many delicious food in New Zealand. I wished it was not so far from my hometown; I should certainly travel to New Zealand.

excellent share

I just have to visit one day , I just have to

Great article. I love cherries, apples, kiwifruit and stuff like that, but I will pass for the meat.

The Pavola sounds like what we Americans call Merrange (I know this is spelled wrong) and we put it ontop of cream pies.

Christine Ramsay

This is a great article, Val and good advertising for NZ goodies. I love the NZ lamb. and pavlova and kiwis are among my favourites too. Well done.